Ghost Hunters of Ottawa for Scientific Truth

 Welcome to  G.H.O.S.T. 

We are a paranormal research group that conducts paranormal investigations using research, observation, and critical thinking,

along with state of the art equipment. Our goal is to capture

verifiable evidence of paranormal activity and to clarify misconceptions concerning the paranormal.

At G.H.O.S.T we strive to shed light on the paranormal with a professional approach, using proven investigative methods and keeping our integrity at the forefront of all our investigations.

Our client's privacy and confidentiality is of great importance to us, paying close attention to their pre and post investigation needs.

After an investigation, with the help of detailed investigator case reports and reviewing evidence with the client, we try to help them understand what is happening and find solutions to ease their concerns. 

We offer our services free of charge in the hopes of capturing evidence of verifiable paranormal activity. To keep a very open mind to all things unexplained, we rarely but on occasion may employ the use of psychics and mediums to broaden the tools at our disposal. But, we do believe that in order for us to be objective in our investigations, a scientific and skeptical approach should be our priority.

Our Approach

 Before any paranormal investigation can begin, we will have to meet with you to get all the background information on what is going on and any other pertinent information needed to conduct a proper investigation. We will interview all witnesses that claim to have had paranormal experiences, at the said location. Using proven investigative methods, we will conduct physical, theoretical and  background research on your location.  

 During an investigation,  we will also bring equipment (Night vision camera DVR system, EMF meters, digital voice recorders etc..) into your home, in an attempt to validate reports of paranormal activity. We do not use our equipment to detect ghosts, entities, spirits or demons etc... we use our equipment for exactly what it was designed for. Our findings are based on the current hypothesis and theories in the paranormal field.

We take our investigations very seriously and our investigators conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Once the investigation is over, we will review all gathered footage and meet with you to share our findings. We will try to disprove personal experiences in an attempt to capture verifiable evidence of the paranormal. We will also help you understand what is happening and determine if the activity you are experiencing, may potentially be caused by natural phenomena. We will try to find solutions to ease your worries. 

Although our investigation will come to an end, you are always welcome to contact us if you still have concerns.

 If you are troubled by what you believe to be paranormal activity, take the first step, contact us!


Serious, Equipped, Dedicated.

© 2016 G.H.O.S.T.. All Rights Reserved.

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